MosquitoNix Equipment Maintenance Program

The MosquitoNix maintenance program is designed to ensure a user-friendly experience. Our qualified Alabama professionals will check your drum and refill it at appropriate intervals. This is the fastest way to keep the drum working as intended, which will eliminate any mosquito infestations. There are several items that need to be checked during this process, and this includes the mist systems, the usage levels and the condition of each nozzle.

Most systems will require up to four mists per day, and the duration of each misting will take between 20 and 50 seconds. The amount of time for each mist and the length of the mist can be adjusted as needed. This normally occurs during a service call, but the representative can also provide instructions to consumers who want to perform these adjustments manually. The MosquitoNix maintenance program includes an annual winterization procedure, and the reversion back to the normal condition is also included. 

MosquitoNix Full-Service Maintenance

MosquitoNix provides a comprehensive maintenance program for the convenience of our Alabama customer base. This includes lifetime warranty protection for OEM parts and labor. It goes into effect right after the installation date. Excluded parts include the motor, control units and pump; however, they are covered by a limited three-year warranty. All routine service and maintenance work is covered, and this includes any necessary preparations for the change in seasons. Other common work includes refills, system analysis and manual adjustments. Our full-service maintenance program can be transferred with a moderate fee payment.

MosquitoNix Drum Refill

The drum refill program ensures optimum performance through the implementation of an intelligent maintenance schedule. A friendly customer service representative will check the drum and refill its reservoir on a regular basis. Their diagnostic services are essential for maintaining top-tiered performance.

Winterization, De-Winterization

Winterizing and de-winterizing your system could be a hassle without MosquitoNix’s full-service contract. Every year, your system will be properly flushed out using air, and a high-quality additive will be applied to the pump, motor and suction lines to protect them against the effects of frigid temperatures.

The de-winterization process is just as important, so our full-service contracts cover the procedures used to return your system to a pre-winterized condition. MosquitoNix professionals are regularly dispatched to serve customers who take advantage of this agreement. You will receive a complete check for your system, and it will focus on the parts affected by winterization. Replacements will be performed as needed. Finally, your system will be reactivated to serve your mosquito-prevention needs relevant to the new conditions. 

Our Service Providers

MosquitoNix proudly serves the Alabama areas in and around Huntsville, Birmingham and the surrounding regions. We are proud to make your lawn a safe place for family gatherings, social events and other festivities. We work hard to build a reputation that precedes our service professionals. Each of our providers are committed to maintaining the highest level of certification in this industry. For a quote from our friendly customer service representatives, just contact us today by phone or email.